OBT-EN1325 PP/PE/HDPE Sheet Engraving Machine

CNC Engraving Machine

OBT-EN series Engraving machine named also CNC router are suitable for welding thermoplastic sheets made of HDPE, PP, PVC, PVDF.

ModelOBT-EN1325 PP/PE/HDPE sheet CNC engraving machine(CNC engraver)
XYZ axis travel1300*2500*200(mm)
Maximum operating speed3000mm/min
Maximum engraving speed1500mm/min
Maximum material height200mm
Engraving instructionG code,u00*,mmg*,.plt
Software operating environmentWindows98/2000/xp/WIN7 32bit
Operating Voltage380V 50HZ
Spindle power3.2kw
Spindle speed0----24000rpm/min
Way of workingStepper motor
Control SystemWeihong
Machine size2100*3000*1500mm
1,Electric spindle3.2KW1 special spindle for engraving machine (the motor has large torque, wear resistance,high temperature resistance, water cooling, fast rotation speed, small rotating vibration and low working noise)
2,Guide railAdopt silver square guide rail (high dustproof, 2000 km free maintenance free maintenance)
3,Control systemWeihong Control System
4,The inverterQuartet inverter (selecting the special inverter for engraving machine, it is better than general inverter in general use)
5,Motor and driver 
Chuangwei High-power stepper motor
6,Linked form25 ball screw drive
7,Electrical componentsZhejiang Chint or Delixi Electric, according to the factory supply; (the component is stable and suitable for long-term use)
8,Limit switchTaiwan high-precision photoelectric limit (this component is stable for long-term use)
9,Cable lineShanghai special flexible cable (CNC special cable, anti-interference, anti-static; high flexibility, will not break for a long time)
10,Cooling fanTaiwan Zhujian
11,Application softwareArtcam Wentai Carving Type3 CAD
BonusA set of water tanks. A set of water pump. software for each set of graphics software. A set of 20 special carving tools.Double bag Dust collector(Including in the total price)